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Le Haut Courtil

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Le Haut Courtil, a new build and a huge project in which E-Si were responsible for the design and installation of a Heat Pump for Central Heating and a Swimming Pool Heat Pump. E-Si were also responsible for the commisioning of Solar Slate Tiles.

The heating system comprised of x 2 14kW Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump, x 2 300L Geminox Hot Water Tanks and a Web Kube. The Web Kube is essentially the plant room for a heating system in a box, the box is mounted on a wall and connected to wire back pumps, actuators and sensors. It can electronically monitor pressure, temperature, flow and efficiency of a heat pump. It has flow temperature controllers that control the heat pump temperature according to indoor and outdoor temperature and modulates speed/output of the heat pump. The Web Kube has what is called a Dataterm Control which optimises on/off and setback time and temperature of the house. This system connects to the internet and home automation systems in the house. The Heat Kube is designed, engineered and fabricated by E-Si.

Aswell as installation, E-Si undertook Commissioning, post sales Service and Maintenance.

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Solar Tiles and Mitsubishi Heat Pumps at La Haut Courtil

sales images

18kW Air Source Heat Pump for Swimming Pool


E-Si Blog - Pics of the Web Kube install.

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