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Le Clos Bourel

The Clos Bourel Energy Project in Sark has been years of work, it has essentially been our base for R&D where it has all gone full circle, having started from Clos Bourel, worked out to current clientele and working back into Clos Bourel.

Clos Bourel Blog's

The E-Si Team make a trip over to Sark to install 8.5kW of Solar Photovoltaics.

Clos Bourel Energy Project, Sark. 08June11 visit.

Completion of 1kW Pv installation at Le Clos Bourel, Sark.

Jacks Blog: Le Clos Bourel and Sark away day.

Pauls Blog: The Isle of Sark running on Renewables?

Pauls Blog: Resolving lightning strikes and airlocks in the Isle of Sark

Away day in Sark 20/08/2010