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The Hot Water Tank

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The Hot Water Tank is a 300L Cylinder by Dimplex and is designed for optimum performance with the Heat Pump, it has a large heat exchanger coil to increase heat up times and reduce return temperatures which increases efficiency. This tank is designed to operate seamlessly with a Heat Pump.

Because it's an Unvented Hot Water Cylinder it provides efficient and economical, hot water for fast filling baths, powerful showers and constant water pressure. They can also be sited in any suitable location and on any floor of the building. This HW tank for example has been sneakily hidden away in the cupboard (a very small space as you can see!) in the ground floor bathroom.

The tank is Mains pressure hot water, has high flow rates for quick filling baths, fast reheat for freely available water. It is well insulated which minimises heat loss and energy consumption/running costs.


- Stainless steel unvented cylinder range designed specifically to work with heat pumps.

- Optimally sized, high surface area heat exchangers.

- Corrugated coil construction maximises surface area while maintaining high usable volume.

- Tough, easy to clean outer casing - made from 100% recycled materials.

- HIPS/ABS outer cladding, hard wearing, flexible and damage resistant.

- Immersion for sterilisation and back up heating.

- Inner vessel manufactured from premium grade Duplex stainless steel: Lightweight yet ultra high strength and stress/corrosion resistant, ensuring long cylinder life, 100% recyclable.

- 60mm of CFC/HCFC free injected foam insulation, exceeds "CHESS" best practice standards for low heat loss and heat recovery, minimises heat loss and energy consumption.