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The Heat Pump

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In the consultation process of the project we conducted an energy assesment to size up the right heat pump for the property and the clients requirements. Avalons heat loss calculation worked out at 4.89kW adding 3kW for Hot Water = 7.89kW. Using our 70% Rule of Thumb guide; 100% of heat loss can be delivered 97% of the heating season by a system sized at 70% of heat load we worked out 70% of 4.89kW = 3.42kW. Based on our calculations a 5kW Air Source Heat Pump was chosen.

As with all our projects we used a Mitsubishi for Avalon because we believe this brand to manufacture the best currently available on the market. Heat Pumps consume 4 x less electricity than electric boilers and heat stores (and so-called eco-stores). Air Source Heat Pump uses solar energy in the air to heat your radiators and hot water using a small amount of electricity to enable the conversion. This means the on-site solar cells (PVs) power the heating reducing heating bills even more. And because Mitsubishi heat pumps modulate (they speed up and slow down according to heat output required) they use this generated electricity more efficiently, ensuring more bucks for your money, and allow design innovations that other heat pumps cannot.

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