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The HeatKube

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The HeatKube is essentially the plant room for a heating system in a box, the box is mounted on a wall and connected to wire back pumps, actuators and sensors.

Why the HeatKube? An Engineers time is in short supply, the HK reduces install time on site, reduces commisioning time and hopefully reduces call-backs thus meaning increase Robustness, Reliability and increas in speed of delivery.

The HeatKube is easy to install, fast to mount and is also pre-tested and pressuried to 6 bar. It can also be adaptable, can be retrofitted and can have 4 or more customisable connections e.g. heat pump, Hot Water and Central Heating. It can also be Multizone and incorporate UFH or multi-room rads. It has advanced long lasting actuators, 'Smart' pumps which auto changes to tempreture and pressure, dearator to rid system of air easily, flushing unit built in for easy cleaning of system, freashwater fill and quick flush. It also has a Fernox TF1 for magnetic filtering of heating water and easy cleaning of system The HeatKube is designed, engineered and fabricated by E-Si.

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