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We are converting one Guernsey home a week to solar generation, helping our customers offset high rate electricity and selling their surplus to the electricity company.

Calculations show that money invested in Solar Photovoltaic Panels will create a better return on investment than money left in a savings account.


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Solar Photovoltaic panels (PVs for short) generate electricity whenever there is daylight. They operate when its cloudy as well as sunny and can offset anything from 10% to 110% or more of your electricity bill.

They do this by connecting to the Guernsey Electricity grid from the road into your meter and consumer unit via a special conversion box called an 'inverter'. These inverters are designed for maximum efficiency energy conversion and are approved by the local electricity company.

Solar energy production is now a world-wide phenomena and has been available in Guernsey from E-Si Limited for many years. Did you know we installed the first grid-connected solar system in Guernsey in 2003? And did you know Germany produced more than 50% of its entire electricity by solar photovoltaics last summer for the first time?

Are you asking yourself:

"Will I still be able to afford my fuel bills in 10 years time?"
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  • Avalon is a project E-Si have recently completed. We were responsible for the design and installation of a Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump, a Heat Kube, 300L HW Tank, Dataterm Heating Controls and 3.29kW of Solar Photovoltaics.

  • Avalon has the complete energy solution, a holistic upgrade more efficient than any other energy technology solution, a model all houses should follow.

    The Air Source Heat Pump uses solar energy in the air to heat your radiators and hot water using a small amount of electricity to enable the conversion. This means the on-site solar cells (PVs) power the heating reducing heating bills.

  • The inverter for the Solar PVs comes with internet connectivity built in so you can monitor each panel and the systems overall performance. This provides users and installers with real-time detailed information to ensure that the solar system performance is optimized over the life of the installation.

  • Visit the projects page for Avalon

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